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Great trip 2 -5 on bigeyes 1-2 on bluefin released two makos awesome time great teaming up with sterling tackle as one bigeye came on our brand new bars and ballyhoo fished around the bars.
















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Nice One Caught July 5th!

big eye tuna july5 2016 ou  sportfishing


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Bite in the Back Bay still going...



postheadericon Flounder Bite is ON

The Flounder are Biting in the Back Bay.  Capt. Tyler had 40 bites and 3 nice keepers to 4 pounds on his last trip. 

kids flounder fishing


postheadericon Back Bay Flounder Bite

June and July are the best times to target the Big Fluke that hangout in the back bays.  Fish the outgoing tide for best results early in the season. 


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The tuna bite started off hot and heavy early this year.  Nice Yellowfin mixed with Bluefin Tuna are here all ready.  For the next two weeks, you have a great shot at catching a tasty Mako Shark also!  Weather is great, so it's time to get offshore!


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2016 New Jersey Canyon Fishing!


We are about to get started.  Make your plans now and get in on the Big Eye Tuna Bite.  Best we've had in 20 years last year.  These are 150 to 300 pound Tuna. 


Most of the trips are 24 hours, leaving around noon, getting to the fishing grounds in the afternoon.  The bite is always best at dusk, followed by another great opportunity at the Big Eyes at first light.  At night we fish for Yellowfin, Sharks, Swordfish and Dolphin.


Great Trip!


postheadericon Bahamas Fishing Heats Up

Fishing is ON FIRE!  Whites, Blues, Sails, and plenty of Dolphin.  If you want your shot at the Slam.  Come to Cat Island.  It gets better and better every year!


postheadericon NJ Canyon Fishing

The 2015 NJ Canyon Fishing Season is right around the corner.  Time to book your Overnight Tuna Trips.  Call now for the best dates at Yellowfin, Bluefin, Swordfish, Sharks, Marlin and Mahi!


postheadericon Big Eyes, Blue Marlin, Yellowfin, and Bluefin

Fishing has been pretty darn good lately. Yesterday was definitely one of our best of the season, just one of those days it all seemed to work out. I ran a short inshore trip on our 48' JUSTIFIED and ended up catching 12 tunas. First bite of the day was a yellowfin, then the rest bluefin. It was a steady pick for us all morning, with sizes 40 to 80 pounds. We had 12 bites and caught 12 fish. Crossed paths with Joe on the 55' (LOW PROFILE) on his way out for an overnighter early in the afternoon about as we were headed home. Banner Trip to say the least. First they fought a blue marlin for a good bit, finally releasing the estimated 350# fish. They picked at some Yellowfin after that, then hooked a big-eye that they fought till about 11pm finally boating it. The fish weighed at 240, although based on measurements, seemed bigger? measurements put it at 280. anyway, a heck of a fish. After that the chunk bite was on. they stopped a little before 2am, with plenty and headed in. Joe said the Yellowfin ranged from 15 to 50 pounds. Great to see the Yellowfin finally biting overnight.. I remember last year, the first mad dog chunk bite in the canyon was the first week of July for us...Hopefully a sign of good things to come!



Tight Lines,



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Yellowfin Tuna FishingNew Jersey Tuna Fishing Charter Report

The 2013 season is off to a great start.  Early on the canyons were loaded with Yellowfin and limit catches were common.  That bite slowed, just as the Bluefin moved in to the inshore lumps.  We still manged to find a nice bunch of Yellowfin Tuna on our last Canyon Overnight Tuna trip, limiting out and releasing many more.  This trophy 80 Pound Yellowfin was taken in early July on an inshore Bluefin Trip.  It's a great time to target Bluefin on light tackle, jigs, livebait or trolling them up.


The rest of July should see the Yellowfin move inshore for about a month, as the bluefin roll on through, then it will be all canyon fishing the rest of the season, for Yellowfin, Big Eyes, Blue and White Marlin, Swordfish and Makos.  All signs are that we are in for yet another banner NJ canon Fishing Season.


postheadericon New Jersey Tuna and Shark Fishing

Mako Shark Fishing Charter2013 Canyon Season is now officially open. 

Warm gulf stream water has moved into the North East Canyons off the New Jersey coast early this season and the fish are here all ready.  Time to get out there and chase your trophy Makos, Bluefin, Yellowfin, and Big Eye Tuna.  Tuna Charters and Shark Charters are now available till November.


Please call us to get a spot.


For More info, please vist:  NJ Tuna Charters

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